What is The Harmony Festival?

The Greater Cincinnati Harmony Festival began in 2006 as a way to educate the youth of the greater Cincinnati area on barbershop. Since then, the Harmony Festival continues to bring in top notch music educators and barbershop experts to guide the campers’ through the world of barbershop. The goal of the Harmony Festival is first and foremost the musical growth of its campers.

How does it work?

For three days, you’ll get professional, vocal music education, and coaching by top music educators and barbershop experts. You’ll learn the basics of barbershop harmonies, singing technique, and performance skills. On Saturday night, you’ll perform alongside the top barbershop performers in Cincinnati. Perhaps best of all, you’ll meet lots of other young men and women who enjoy singing.

Why sing Barbershop?

  • Improves ear training for accurate tuning
  • Develops a strong sense of tonality, resolving around the circle of fifths
  • Helps develop sensitivity to chord balancing and choral blend
  • Stresses proper diction in execution of word sounds
  • Builds interpretative performances reflecting the intentions of the composer/lyricist
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Develops poise, confidence, and performance skills
  • Might attract more young women and men into the school’s choral program
  • Is a blast!